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O-EYES Self-Ligating Bracket
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O-EYES Self-Ligating Bracket

With features like Extra-low profile, Larger ligature space and Individual Width, the O-EYES Bracket is created to simplify clinical practice, and could help orthodontists solve several clinical problems.
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O-EYES Self-Ligating Bracket Extra Low Profile
Evenly 17% lower than others.
Accurate expression, thanks to shorter distance between slot and base, thus the arch wire is closer to resistant center of teeth.
Improved patient comfort.
Decreased lateral pressure on bracket and de-bonding rate.
O-EYES Self-Ligating Bracket Easy To Open
To open the clip/sliding door with an explorer.
One-step-opening by applying tender force
O-EYES Self-Ligating Bracket Reliable Open-Close Mechanism
Passive model.
Stable structure could prevent the patient from scratching mouth. 
After 10,000 times of durability test, the sliding door functions as normal.
O-EYES Self-Ligating Bracket Easy to Ligate
Enlarged the ligature space.
Allow ligature wire & elastic chain being used simutaneously.
Chair-time Saved!
O-EYES Self-Ligating Bracket Individual Bracket Width
Redesigned the bracket’s height and width to fit with individual teeth, based on their physical characters and biomechanics.
Offering less root resorption and better expression of rotation, tip and torque.
O-EYES Self-Ligating Bracket Advanced Production Technique & Material
O-EYES has a one-piece construction with Metal-injection-molding (MIM) base, and is made of premium 17-4 stainless steel material, to guarantee its strength and durability.
O-EYES Self-Ligating Bracket Rounded Structure with Leading Polishing Technique
More rounded contours reduces irritation to soft-tissue, masticatory loads, as well as retention of food and plaque.
With Mirror-like polishing technique, smooth bracket slot could decreases the friction between arch-wire and slot, as well as resistance of tooth movement, therefore shortens the treatment time.  
O-EYES Self-Ligating Bracket Unique Micro-Storing Design
There’s a layer of special silicone substance around inside the cover plate, the silicone substance allows to attach to most of the surfaces without any adhesive, like stainless steel, glass, wooden and textile. After trial and error the hinge of the box is in fair tightness, the doctor can open it at a certain angle for clinical needs, as it’s stable enough to bear the pressure while gripping the bracket.
What’s more, the bracket are settled at 15-30 degrees, with this design the doctor can pick up the bracket easily, without need for direction alteration.
O-EYES Self-Ligating Bracket

Innovative Fixing Design
The innovative fixing design is applied to fit individual bracket, to ensure brackets NOT to come out of the fixing groove while facing great impact.

O-EYES Self-Ligating Bracket Innovative Fixing Design
No more adjustment before placing the bracket on tooth.
The bracket are settled at 15-30 degrees, with this design the orthodontists can pick up the bracket easily.
O-EYES Self-Ligating Bracket Attaching Surface
Attaching surface in special silicone polymers on bracket kit box, which can affix to different surface, such as stainless steel, grass, wooden or textile material.
This design fits with different operaition environments and thus offers unprecedented safety during bonding.



O-EYES Self-Ligating Bracket

Orthodontic metal bracket
orthodontic self-ligating bracket
o-eyes self ligating brackets
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