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OBRACE Orthodontic Self-Ligating System
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OBRACE Orthodontic Self-Ligating System

OBRACE is an industrial revolutionary orthodontic solution, which was published on the Annual Session of AAO in 2018.
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O-Brace Orthodontic Self-Ligating System Seamless Rounded Appearance
- Concise outline and seamless connection makes it extremely clean and simple piece
- Incredible comfort provided, thanks to enclosing semi-spherical surface
O-Brace Orthodontic Self-Ligating System Easy Clean-up
- Smooth curved surface has self-cleaning function that prevents from accumulation of food residual
- Improved periodontal health, compared with traditional self-ligating bracket
- Saving a lot of time in brushing the teeth
O-Brace Orthodontic Self-Ligating System Working Length
A superb blend of functionality and favorable user experience with longer “working length” and lower profile.
O-Brace Orthodontic Self-Ligating System Optional Anchorage in One Bracket
-Acts as a weak anchorage meeting your goal of low friction and light force
-Serves as a strong anchorage when it is tightly locked
O-Brace Orthodontic Self-Ligating System Integration of 2 Prescriptions
-Wire play retainment with low friction
-Play elimination with full torque expression
O-Brace Orthodontic Self-Ligating System Innovative Threaded Hole Design
-MIM threaded hole with accuracy down to 0.001mm
-Perfectly match with screw hook or lock blot
O-Brace Orthodontic Self-Ligating System Priority of Central Hook
-Central screw hook used for better biomechanics fits of the teeth
- Hook position further away from gingiva can avoiding gingival irritation, compared to conventional distal hook.
O-Brace Orthodontic Self-Ligating System Individual Bracket Width
Redesigned the bracket’s height and width to fit with individual teeth based on their physical characters and biomechanics, thus it offers less root resorption and better expression of rotation, tip and torque.
O-Brace Orthodontic Self-Ligating System Lower Fall-Off Rate
- With force dispersion from semi-spherical surface, only 1/20 force impacts on bracket with lower fall-off rate of bracket
- Bracket base with advanced metal-injection-molding technique
- Premium 17-4 stainless steel material adopted, to guarantee its strength and durability
O-Brace Orthodontic Self-Ligating System Advanced Opening Design
Simplified opening design saves clinician from selection of various opening ways with various instruments
Start your treatment operation simply by a dental explorer
O-Brace Orthodontic Self-Ligating System *More Visual References
①Axial identification marks
②Threaded hole position
③Opening hole position
④Bracket slot
⑤Axis line
⑥Bracket base


*Builtin Prescription Form-ROTH

O-Brace Orthodontic Self-Ligating System

Annual Session of AAO
Orthodontic Self Ligating Bracket
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