Find us on 23rd Dental-South-China Expo 2018, Guangzhou

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In 4-7 April 2018, the 23rd Dental South China Expo is held in Guangzhou city.

By 4-7 April, the 23rd Dental South China Expo is held in Guangzhou city. The expo appeals 942 exhibitors and 54936 guests by this year. A trend vane of the dental industry is happening!

As a host& exhibitor of the expo, OO Dental welcoming all partners and guests to visit our stand and discuss with us. As its lowest-profile and larger-ligation-space design, O-EYES bracket was popular during the expo. It attracts many guests from different countries, such as U.A.E., India, Russia, Thailand, Philippines and Mexico and so on.

Doctors considered it as a great bracket that can shorten the treatment time, and the operation would be easier than before.

The product has been passed ten-thousand times of clinical test, before it come out to the market.



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