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Established in 2015, OO Dental is a high-tech R&D enterprise focusing on self-developed innovation in the orthodontic industry. Our company has FDA registration and ISO 13485 certificate for our products, and the products have been certified with CE marking. At present, we've already obtained more than 100 patents.
OO Dental logo shows two circles representing our product --- sphere-shaped bracket, and they are also linked to the sense of "One&Owns" that signifies making the global leading product by ourselves. It derives "Ongoing Innovation" as well, the idea that we will keep our innovation going.
Our Manufacturing Base is set up according to ISO Class-8 Standard in Guangdong province, China, and our workshops are equipped with advanced facilities. OO Dental conducts broad cooperation with different leading precise manufacturing companies worldwide, and further cultivates development in the area of precise medical instrument manufacturing with global advanced smart manufacturing technology. The products we developed for orthodontists have reached advanced international level and well received by orthodontic practioner at home and abroad.
We have enhanced academic and technological exchange and cooperated with expert team from well-known universities and academies worldwide. OO Dental will hold the alliance with a team of top experts and physicians of all disciplines in medical, adhere to the path of innovative and creative characteristics to achieve continued innovation and developing production for multi-disciplinary medical instrument, as well as serve customers worldwide with all our strength.
Advanced Processing Facilities
Advanced Processing Facilities
The workshops equipped with advanced processing facilities.
ISO class-8 Manufacturing Factory
ISO class-8 Manufacturing Factory
We set up a modern factory following ISO Class-8 standard in China. There's a standard operation procedure that all our staff should comply with.


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